First Post!

As with any firsts, this post is rather exciting. We've been working hard, and the features are coming along nicely. Weebly's goal, enabling content creation, is just plain exciting. How many people have good information that they would like to put on the web, but currently don't know how? Maybe it's because they don't have a web host, maybe it's because they don't know how to write a web page and upload it. Whatever it is, web content creation needs to get easier, and I think this is the next step. Want a three column layout? Drag and drop. Add Google AdWords to your site? Drag and drop. Then double click it, and set your options from easy drop-down-menus.

And everything is just done right. Want to preview a theme? With a click on the theme picture, you can see your site, in the theme, not just a sample. We don't use javascript pop-ups, we use interface-consistent elements. In fact, even though the editor is one single page using AJAX requests, you can use your back and forward buttons to navigate the interface. When you upload a picture, you choose a size. Small, medium or large. Pictures are resized for you, and positioned for you. Text wraps around your pictures, and you just have to tell it: left or right? Your published webpages are XHTML and CSS compliant. Not to mention the many kick-ass themes. Almost any type of content can be drag-and-drop added to a page. Think image galleries, shopping carts, videos, Google Adwords… And so much more.